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Build The Basics

Beginners Muay Thai, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Classes.

Basics, basics, basics.

Any coach or fight gym worth their weight knows that fundamentals are king. Even at the highest level of any sport, the basics will always shine through. 

With this in mind we at Pretty Top Team have created our Build the Basics Beginners Programs, a highly structured syllabus with the aim to equip and prepare complete beginners for the challenges of our regular classes and other development programs.

These classes are a permanent fixture on our schedule with a rolling  syllabus meaning you can join in at any time! Once you've completed all the classes you can join our regular classes or complete again to lock in those fundamentals. 

These classes are included in your unlimited membership, 10 class pass or available to book as your first free trial class! 

Prefer to attend a one-on-one class? No problem at all. You can book via the booking widget below.

Prefer a private class? Book a intro session:

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