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Build a Fighter Challenge

2024 Challenge Dates:
3rd June - 7th September

Enrolments start in 6 weeks out to the start date. Request info and join the waitlist below.

The Build A Fighter program, or the BAF Challenge, is a 14 week challenge that has been 3 years in the making. Our Head Coach Paul Hosking has spent the better part of his career as a coach learning and developing his unique systems the "Fighting Pretty System".

This program is designed to take absolute beginners with no fighting experience and develop them into well-rounded, confident and strong fighters regardless of your experience level, fitness level or physical attributes.

The BAF system is the same system that Coach Paul has used to train and develop his past and current roster of fighters and champions. This is the exact system that has created popular fighters such as ISKA World Champion Amy Glennon, 7 time Champion Jessie 'The Real' Geyl, Queensland Champions Patty Reid and Myles Pressley. 

Why choose the BAF challenge?

Through our research of the current market we know that our system is the only one of its kind, the only development program that covers EVERY single area required to become a decent fighter, including nutrition and mindset.

Week 1 - Week 7: 

You will work with two experienced coaches who are both current champions in the sport of Muay Thai, where you will learn specific and focused principles, fundamentals and techniques unique to Pretty Top Team including the system that has created 5 champions in the short space of 4 years. You will also learn the importance of various building blocks
required to become a well-rounded fighter, such as nutrition, mindset and

Week 8 - Week 13: 

You are spilt into two teams lead by our two Champions Patty and Jessie, Team Wreck It and Team Real who will train and guide you through your first exhibition prep camp.
Week 14: Exhibition Week is all about putting the finishing touches to your exhibition camp, sharpening your skills, strategy and mindset. You will also be participating in our unique 'Muay Fit
Games,' a set of skill based games we have designed to sharpen your mind and body while having heaps and heaps of fun!

Exhibition Night: 

Invite your family and friends to attend our in-house exhibition night where you will get to put all of your training and skills that you have learned in the ring!


Send us an email to request more information and find out the next enrollment date.

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