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Looking to learn Folkstyle Wrestling?

What is Wrestling?

Folkstyle wrestling, or collegiate wrestling, is a popular style of wrestling practised throughout the United States. This style of wrestling is a collaboration of Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Judo, and focuses on fundamentals such as stance positioning,

establishing dominant control, and learning escapes and reversals. 

Wrestling is a great sport that also teaches self-defence skills.

In wrestling, participants learn how to control their opponent

without using punches, kicks or submissions.

Instead, they use their strength and stamina to outmatch

their opponents.


Wrestling is also a great way to get in shape. During practice sessions, wrestlers continuously drill positions and moves so that they become automatic. There is an emphasis on conditioning for explosive movement and stamina.

Cairns Wrestling classes

Level 1 Wrestling 

In this Level 1 beginner class, you'll learn all of the basics of folkstyle wrestling so that you can start to move like a wrestler. We'll cover techniques for all positions, including takedowns and on-mat maneuvers. Along with learning specific moves, you'll practice drills that put these skills into action for a full-body workout.

The curriculum works on a 24 week cycle with grading at the end. Head Coach of The Wrestling Foundation, Gary Jones, will attend and grade all the eligible students. 

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Can I start at any date? 

Yes. You can start our Wrestling classes at anytime. Your grading will be on the following cycle. 

What do I wear to Wrestling practice?

Shorts and T-shirt are worn. Unlike Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling is done in shoes. As you begin your training, you can wear runners/sneakers, but as you progress you can purchase Wrestling shoes, like the ones Coach Paul and Gary Jones are wearing in the photo above. 

What else do I need to bring?

Wrestling is a great work out so we recommend you bring a towel (two if you're extra sweaty!) and a bottle of water. 

Can anyone train Wrestling?

Of course! Wrestling is for everyone. It's especially popular with footy players who want to  improve their tackles. 

How is Wrestling graded? 

We are affiliated with The Wrestling Foundation. They currently have 3 Levels to their grading syllabus. All grading is done by The Wrestling Foundation Head Coach and Owner; Gary Jones. You can read more about their levels here.

Who teaches the classes?

We currently have two qualified Wrestling coaches at our Cairns CBD gym. 

Mikey Yelland and Head Coach/Pretty Top Team's Co-Owner; Paul Hosking. 


So why wait? Come join us at Pretty Top Team for high-quality wrestling classes in Cairns. All you need to bring is shorts, a t-shirt, a towel, and a bottle of water. Whether you're looking to improve your tackles for footy, learn some self defence or just want to get in shape, we have the perfect class for you!

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