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House Keeping Rules & Expectations

We wanted to take a moment to touch base and go over some housekeeping rules. While most of our members are already following these guidelines, it's always good to have a friendly reminder, especially since we've noticed a couple of things lately.

  • Car Parking: Please remember that the spaces next to our entrance are designated for staff only. We kindly ask that you refrain from parking there at any time, including pick up times. We've received complaints from our landlord and other tenants about members using these spots, which puts us in an awkward position. Fortunately, there's ample parking available on the street, with free spaces in the middle.

  • Equipment: It's important to bring your own gear, such as gloves and shin guards, to every class. Additionally, please make sure to clean your equipment after each session. In the rare event that you or your child forgets their gear, we do offer equipment for hire at a nominal fee of $5. If your child needs to hire gear in your absence, we'll send you an email to keep you informed.

  • Uniform: It's essential to wear the correct uniform, particularly for children. Just as you wouldn't show up to swimming lessons or basketball practice in your school uniform or footy shorts, we ask that you adhere to the appropriate attire for combat sports. Boxing: Pretty t-shirt (children), shorts, running shoes, hand wraps, gloves. Muay Thai: Thai shorts (especially Level 2 and up), t-shirt, hand wraps, gloves. BJJ: Rash guard, shorts/leggings for No-Gi, Gi for Gi. Wrestling: T-shirt, shorts, wrestling boots, knee guards.

  • Punctuality: We kindly request that you arrive before the class start time so you're ready to hit the mats on time. If you happen to arrive late for any reason, please do so with haste. We value our coaches' time, so let's try not to wrap our hands at a snail's pace!

  • Hygiene: This is a big one! Please shower before class and wear deodorant. There's nothing worse than partnering with someone who smells like a hard day's work. Keep your finger and toenails short, especially for BJJ. Tie back long hair and remove all jewelry. Don't forget to bring a towel to every class!

  • Sickness: If you're feeling under the weather, it's best to stay home. We understand that everyone loves coming to Pretty and doesn't want to miss a session, but we want to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Pretty House Keeping Rules

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