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Are you interested in enrolling your child in a boxing club? 


How old does my child have to be to learn to box?

We offer our boxing classes for kids age 6-13 years. 

When are your kids boxing classes?

Our junior boxing classes are Monday and Wednesday at 4:15pm-5:00pm. 

What is a typical boxing class like? 

Classes always start with a warm up, everyone loves a couple rounds of shoulder tiggy! The main bulk of the class is made up of our unique games based learning. This keeps children engaged and learning. The games teach children coordination, stance, defensive techniques and strikes. 

We have found great success from our unique games created by Coach Paul. Children learn fast and have fun while doing so!

What do they bring and wear to their first class?

If your child owns boxing gloves then bring them along, if not we have some you can hire. Wear comfortable active wear. Please ensure you wear shoes such as runners/sneakers or boxing shoes. Please also bring a water bottle, boxing is thirsty work!

Will my child get punched in the face?

No! Our boxing classes are low contact and we focus on a lot of skills, strength and conditioning. Eventually when your child is competent at boxing we will allow them to spar with the correct protection and guidance. For children under 12 years old we only do body sparring and no strikes to the face/head. We have a rule for sparring that we don't budge on "spar to learn, not to win."

What are the benefits of boxing classes for my child?

Boxing and combat sports in general are great for building strength, resilience, coordination and self defence skills. It's also very fun and works up a good sweat! 

How many classes a week does my child have to attend?

Our boxing classes for kids are offered twice a week. In the past we have allowed children to train in one class a week but we've found it's hard to get consistency and develop or remember the skills taught. Boxing is like anything, if you want to get good at it and learn correctly then you have to practice!

What uniform or equipment is required?

Boxing is one of the cheaper combat sports to start as very little gear or equipment is needed. All you ned to get your child started is a pair of boxing gloves! Our uniform requirements are very simple, black shorts (any brand) and a gym t-shirt, which we give you for free on sign up. 

Ok, I'm interested... how do I know my child will want to box?

We understand all children are into different sports so maybe boxing isn't for them. That's why we recommend you book for a free trial class to test the waters first. 

You can book a free trial class for your child to try boxing classes at our Cairns CBD by CLICKING HERE

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