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Coach Jessie Geyl

Muay Thai, Strength & Mobility Coach

  • South Pacific Champion 

  • 2x Australian Champion

  • 2x Queensland State Champion

  • Welterweight Destiny Champion 

  • 65kg Rocky Rumble Champion

A Muay Tae boxer (kick fighter) who is not only well known for her graceful yet powerful technique, Jessie Geyl is known as one of the loveliest most welcoming and down to earth people you will ever meet. Jessie has a warm, genuine personality and will have you putting in solid work in a comfortable and positive environment! Jessie is a qualified PT, with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry as well as a qualified Remedial/Sport Massage therapist! Safe to say Jessie has got you covered, whether it’s training or recovery!


One-on-One Rates: 

$60 for 30 minute session

$70 for 45 minute session

$80 - 60 minute session

5 pack sessions are available on request!

Email or call us for more info or to book a session with the Champ! 

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