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Coach Paul Hosking

Head Coach & Co-Owner

Paul Hosking is one of Cairns' best Muay Thai fighters and coaches. 

Paul started boxing at the age of 12, when his Dad advised him he'd either need to learn to keep his mouth shut or learn how to protect it. He went on to have boxing fights as a teenager. 

In 2010, he found his love for Muay Thai. He quickly became one of Cairns' best Muay Thai fighters, having a total of 18 fights, winning the very prestigious and highly sought after World Muay Thai Council professional Queensland title before retiring to become a full time Muay Thai coach. Paul's fight name during his career was "Pretty Paul", due to his beautiful technique, and of course his appearance. 

Since 2019, Paul has been training his own fighters as well as teaching those who enjoy Muay Thai and boxing for it's great fitness and self defence benefits. 

In 2020, Paul trained Cairns and North Queensland first amateur female Muay Thai title holder, Jessie "The Real" Geyl. Jessie is still an active fighter of Paul's and has a total of 7 title belts, which include; 2x Muay Thai Queensland champion, Destiny Champion, Rocky Rumble Champion 2x WKBF Australian and South Pacific Champion.

He is also coach to Amy "Tekken" Glennon, World ISKA Champion and ISKA Queensland Champion.As well as Patty "Wreck It" Reid, WMO Queensland title holder. 

During Paul's career he has helped many men, women and children learn the beautiful art of Muay Thai and Boxing in Cairns. 

One-on-one Rates: 

$90 for 45 minute sessions
$100 for 60 minute sessions

5-10 pack available on request

Email us for more info or to book a session with the boss man!

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