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Coach Alec Shines at NQ Regional Annual Judo Open in Innisfail

Updated: May 21

On Saturday, May 18th, Coach Alec from Pretty Top Team displayed his judo prowess at the NQ Regional Annual Judo Open in Innisfail. Known for his exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaching, Alec is also a skilled judo practitioner, holding a brown belt and training out of the Cairns Judo Club.

The competition was fierce, but Coach Alec was ready to demonstrate his versatility and expertise on the judo mat. His first match was against Seth Leaver of the Innisfail Judo Club. Alec executed his techniques with precision and control, securing a decisive victory that showcased his tactical acumen and judo skills. The win propelled him into the finals, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown.

In the final match, Alec faced a formidable opponent, black belt Masaharu Yamazaki, also from the Innisfail Judo Club. The bout was intense, with both competitors displaying high-level judo techniques and fierce determination. Alec fought valiantly, matching Yamazaki's skill and experience with his own strategic prowess. Despite his efforts and a commendable performance, Alec fell short against the highly skilled Yamazaki.

Coach Alec's journey at the NQ Regional Annual Judo Open culminated in a well-deserved silver medal. His impressive showing against top-tier competitors underscores his dedication to martial arts and his ability to excel in multiple disciplines. Alec's achievements not only highlight his personal skill and commitment to his craft.

Join us in celebrating Coach Alec's success and his relentless pursuit of excellence. His performance at the NQ Regional Annual Judo Open is a testament to the strength and versatility that defines Pretty Top Team. Whether in judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Coach Alec continues to inspire and elevate the standards of martial arts in Cairns.

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