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How Long Do I Have To Train Before I Can Have My First Fight?

Have you always wanted to step in the ring and have a fight but you're not sure how or what that would even look like?

A lot of coaches get asked by students "how long do I have to train before I can have a fight" and most coaches reply "how long is a piece of is not linear, just show up and do the work... I will tell you when you are ready."

But the real answer is they don't know the answer.

Why? They don't have a structured development plan for their students. It's hard work and takes a lot of time to put their knowledge to paper, and it be successful.

It took Coach Paul 3-4 years to write his Build A Fighter challenge... and he's still developing it and improving it every time.

So if you were to ask one of our Pretty Top Team coaches "How long do I have to train before I can have my first fight", they'd say 16 weeks. That's 64-80 Build A Fighter classes.

That's not to say if you just show up to classes and keep training, you won't be a successful fighter. But, in our opinion, this is the minimum time it takes to develop a complete beginners to a well-rounded amateur first time fighter.

If you're interested in our Build A Fighter challenge starting 27th Feb. Please get in contact with Frankie today via and secure your spot.

This challenge has sold out every time we've ran it. But don't take my word for it. Read our testimonials below.

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