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Pretty Spotlight: Introducing Jessie Muay Thai & Juniors Coach At Pretty Top Team.

Today we are thrilled that she’s taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us - the fantastically inspiring Muay Thai champion and coach Jessie from Pretty Top Team.

[Doing Muay Thai] I have had an extremely fun time getting to explore strengths and side of myself in a sport that most people didn't believe I was capable of. I achieved a high standard of discipline, dedication, quality of training, resilience, and integrity that I have applied to many other areas of my life. Jessie - Muay Thai Champion and Coach at Pretty Top Team.
Muay Thai coach and champion Jessie teaches at Pretty Top Team in cairns.

Starting her journey as an amateur under the mentorship of head coach Paul, Jesse has risen through the ranks to achieve an impressive record of wins and titles. She has made a significant mark in a sport traditionally dominated by men, proving that dedication and hard work can transform an amateur into a professional. Beyond her personal achievements in the ring, Jesse dedicates her time to teaching Muay Thai to both adults and children, inspiring the next generation of fighters with her remarkable journey and unwavering dedication. Join us as we delve into her experiences, challenges, and triumphs in the world of Muay Thai.

  • Can you tell us about your journey in Muay Thai? How did you get started, and what inspired you to pursue it professionally?

My Muay Thai journey started exactly the same as a beginners fitness class. As my skills and confidence developed, Paul still a fighter at the time invited me to the possibility of competing. After taking me on and  5 months of training, I was in the ring as his 1st fighter.

I am so grateful to have been a part of those formative years of development with Paul. I learnt skills and drills that have built a foundation that, as a fighter, resulted in many successes. A lot of trial and error, new and diverse perspectives, and  6 years later, we have had a very rewarding fight career with 17 wins, 5 reasons to motivate me to be better, and 8 titles.

Being involved in different sports most of my life it was a natural progression to pursue it professionally.  It was a serious jump in levels, but i love the competitive aspect of sport, and it had always been a dream to be  a professional athlete.  It was a challenging progression to maintain with work and family so as of April 2024, I have chosen to retire as a fighter. I have many reasons for that choice. But I have had an extremely fun time getting to explore strengths and side of myself in a sport that most people didn't believe I was capable of. I achieved a high standard of discipline, dedication, quality of training, resilience, and integrity that I have applied to many other areas of my life.

  • How do you approach training both for yourself and for your students? Do you have a particular philosophy or methodology that you follow? 

Once I had committed to a fight. I never gave myself the option not to train unless unwell. This developed a great work ethic and consistency that was required to be a great student and teammate. Always train with an open mind and humidity. Also, I loved my purpose to be a great fighter. For my students, I wish that they have fun,  have an open mind to challenge them selves in dynamic ways, and build self awareness and coordination.


  • Can you talk about your most significant titles and achievements in Muay Thai? Which ones are you most proud of and why? They were all pretty significant since every match up had its own challenge none of them were a shoe in.  But my 1st title MTQ State Title set a high bar. It could be it was my 1st; it was a trilogy match up, we sold 200 tickets so a huge home crowd, it was my 1st 5 rounder. But it was the 1st time I showed up to a fight with unwavering confidence, an aggression. One of my best performances from the beginning of my fight camp till the end.

  • Can you share your most memorable fight and what made it stand out? 

I have many fond memories. However, unfortunately, it was my 1st fight as a pro against Zoe in 2023. It wasn't that I lost she is a great fighter. What made it memorable was that I was stopped in the 3rd round with a cut above my eye. Getting the fight taken away from me was very disappointing.

  • As a trainer, what do you find most rewarding about teaching Muay Thai?

I love seeing when people get the bug for Muay Thai.

  • How do you motivate and inspire your students to push their limits and improve?

As a fighter we all naturally inspire newbies as we are the pinnacle of the process in their eyes. But having the ”Pretty Process” our road map in place and the structure Paul has developed inspires the possibility it's achievable. 

  • Stereotypically Muay Thai is seen as a male dominated sport. But Pretty Top Team prides itself on having equal male / female ratios of students in their gym. Why do you think it’s important for women to get into martial art disciplines such as Muay Thai?

Other than it’s a fun dynamic way to get fit, women take on the sport with more humility and desire to be technically efficient. All the movements from footwork to strikes help you feel powerful which I believe builds confidence, and we all need more of that.

  • You’re a mother with both your boys training. What would you say to other parents thinking about putting their kids into classes at Pretty Top Team?

I love that as my boys are transitioning into teenagers they have a healthy outlet surrounded by strong roles models. It is teaching patience, respect, resilience, confidence and how to handle themselves in uncomfortable or unpredictable situations.

  • What qualities do you look for in a promising Muay Thai fighter?

Keenness to learn, consistent, good communication!


  • What are your goals for the future, both as a trainer and as a fighter?

Now I have retired I am currently processing what's next.


   - Lastly, What advice would you give to someone just starting in Muay Thai?

You're never told to start. Have fun and play!  Don't take it to seriously until you have too. You won't get your kick on the 1st day!


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