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Pretty Top Team Fighters Excel at Pride Fight Series in Adelaide

Adelaide's Pride Fight Series delivered a night of thrilling bouts and standout performances from Cairns' Pretty Top Team on May 18, 2024. Competing against some of the toughest local talent, Pretty Top Team fighters showcased their skill, determination, and heart in both the daytime undercard and the evening main card events.

The daytime undercard kicked off with Martyna Polczynska stepping into the ring against a formidable opponent from Boars Martial Arts. Martyna fought bravely, demonstrating her technical prowess and resilience. Despite her best efforts, she faced a tough loss against the strong local fighter. Martyna's spirit and determination, however, left a lasting impression on the audience and her coaches.

Following Martyna's bout, Hamish Lindsay took center stage. Hamish faced a highly regarded local fighter from Strong Heart Muay Thai, a reputable gym in Adelaide known for producing top-tier athletes. From the first bell, Hamish controlled the fight with precision and strategy. His ability to dictate the pace and dominate the rounds led to a clear victory, earning him accolades from both fans and peers.

As the sun set and the evening main card began, the excitement in the venue was palpable. Amy Glennon entered the ring to face Shannon Tilbrook of Boars Martial Arts, a local legend with twice her experience. The bout was an intense clash of skills, with both fighters showcasing exceptional striking abilities. However, it was Amy's dominant clinching that set her apart. She controlled the close-quarters exchanges, securing a hard-fought and impressive victory over the veteran fighter.

The highlight of the night came with Caleb Curley's electrifying match against another local legend, Joshua Marsters of Team Pinky, who boasted 30 more fights than Caleb. From the opening moments, Caleb displayed his striking acumen, landing a perfectly timed head kick in the first round that sent Joshua to the canvas for an 8-count. The crowd erupted as the underdog showed his prowess. The next two rounds were a masterclass in contrasting styles. Joshua's heavy hands landed several powerful punches, but Caleb's relentless kicks, elbows, and knees kept Joshua's knockout power at bay. Caleb's strategic and varied attack earned him a unanimous decision victory, cementing his reputation as a rising star.

cairns Muay Thai fighter Caleb Curley
Cairns Muay Thai Fighter Caleb Curley

These incredible performances at the Pride Fight Series highlight the high level of training and preparation at Pretty Top Team. Under the expert guidance of coach Paul Hosking, the fighters demonstrated not only technical skill but also the heart and tenacity that define champions. The victories and hard-fought battles underscore Pretty Top Team's standing as a premier fight gym, with its fighters continuing to make waves on prestigious stages.

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