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What Is A Muay Mat Fighting Style In Muay Thai?

Muay Mat is a sub-style of Muay Thai that emphasizes the use of brute strength and power to defeat an opponent.

It is a heavy-hitting style that utilizes powerful punches and elbow strikes to overwhelm an opponent. Muay Mat fighters are known for their raw power, aggressive style, and ability to end a fight with a single, devastating blow.

While Muay Thai incorporates strikes from all parts of the body, Muay Mat puts a specific focus on upper body strikes, making it a unique and challenging sub-style within the broader art of Muay Thai.

Whether you're a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner or just starting out, incorporating Muay Mat techniques into your training can help you become a more formidable and intimidating fighter.

Some examples of great Muay Mat fighters are Liam Harrison, Rodtang and Rodlek.

Liam Harrison | One Championship

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