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Kids Muay Thai Grading Done!

Muay Thai is a great activity for kids!

It helps them to stay physically active and teaches them important self-defense skills. Our current junior Muay Thai group just completed their grading, which means next week we'll be starting a fresh batch of techniques.

Classes are structured in a way that children can join at any stage in our grading cycle, but some children may be more comfortable joining at the start. Children learn new techniques, work on their strength, practice their Wai Kru Ram Muay for 4 weeks then on the 5th week we hold grading classes. Grading is held in normal class time and at no extra charge.

Muay Thai doesn't typically have an official grading system like other martial arts such as Karate or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, however we feel it's important to reward our hard working students as well as giving them goals and milestones to hit in their training.

We offer free trials to all Cairns locals so make sure you book in for next week as places are limited. Book here:

Congratulations to our current kids who received a stripe on their glove. A special shout out to Marlin Seaton for earning his pink patch and becoming our first Level 2 junior!

Kids Muay Thai Class in Cairns

Marlin Seaton - Kids Muay Thai student

Cairns Muay Thai Kids Grading

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