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It’s Not Weak To Speak: Free Men’s Class on Tuesday 25th June!

Free Men’s Class for Mental Health Awareness Month at Pretty Top Team

Dear Men and Boys 12+,

We're excited to invite you to a special event at Pretty Top Team gym on June 25th, in honor of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. In a world where the pressures of life can sometimes weigh heavily on our shoulders, it's important to prioritize our mental well-being. That's why we're hosting a free fitness class tailored specifically for you, where you can sweat it out, learn some new skills, and most importantly, talk.

Date: June 25th

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Pretty Top Team Gym, 39 Grafton Street

At Pretty Top Team, we believe that physical activity and open conversation can play a vital role in maintaining good mental health. That's why we've put together a session that combines boxing and grappling techniques – no experience necessary! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, this class is for you.

Combat sports aren't just about physical strength; they also teach discipline, focus, and resilience – qualities that are essential for maintaining a healthy mind. But beyond the physical aspect, this event is also an opportunity for you to connect with others, share your experiences, and know that you're not alone.

Remember, it's not weak to speak. Mental health affects us all, and it's okay to ask for help when we need it. So come join us on June 25th for a day of fitness, camaraderie, and meaningful conversation. You don't have to be a member of the gym – just show up with an open mind and a willingness to participate.

Spread the word, bring your friends, and let's break the stigma surrounding men's mental health together. See you at Pretty Top Team! Book your spot here:

Best regards,

The Pretty Team

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