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Beginners Muay Thai Challenge Making Waves in Cairns.

It's less than 3 weeks until we hold our second Built 2 Fight show at Pretty Muay Thai and Boxing.

What is Built 2 Fight?! For the past 13 weeks a group of 20 novice fighters have been training for their first (or second) Muay Thai fight.

They all started at absolute beginners in our Build A Fighter challenge. Build A Fighter is a 16 week Muay Thai challenge that's held twice a year at Pretty Muay Thai and Boxing in Cairns.

At the 10 week mark, the group were split into two teams.

Team Wreck It headed up by Queensland Champion Patty "Wreck It" Reid

Team Real, lead by South Pacific, 2x Australian and 2x Queensland Champion, Jessie "The Real" Geyl.

On Friday 2nd December they jump the ropes and fit someone from the opposing team or another gym at our Built 2 Fight show. We have two other gyms involved to help us with our match ups. They will travel from Mackay and Victor Harbour (South Aus) to compete against us!

Sounds fun right?!

The great news for you guys is that we still have tickets available to purchase, so you can come down and support out Pretty fighters! But be quick, these will sell out soon!

Can't make the night? Live stream from the comfort of your own home HERE:

Be sure to follow our socials as more fights are to be released!

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