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How Martial Arts Can Benefit Your Child’s Health & Development

Most parents want their children to be physically fit and have a healthy lifestyle. However, many kids these days are glued to their electronic devices or television sets and do not get enough exercise. One great way to get your children moving is to enroll them in martial arts classes. Martial arts can provide a variety of benefits for kids, including improved physical fitness, discipline, and self-defense skills. Not only is it a great way to get fit, but it can also help improve discipline and focus. If you are on the fence about enrolling your child in martial arts classes, here are the 8 benefits of why you should go ahead and do it!

9 Benefits of our classes for children:

1- Fitness

One of the most obvious benefits of martial arts for children is that it helps them stay fit and active. Martial arts is a great way to get kids moving and encourage them to be more physically active. Our classes a lot of movement and activity, which is great for kids who are looking to get some exercise.

2- Strength

Another aspect of our class is for children to develop their strength. Classes can help kids build muscle and improve their overall strength. We incorporate animal movements and regular strength exercise into every class. The improvements in your child's strength will be visible after just a few weeks!

3- Coordination

Our classes can also help children develop coordination. Coordination is improved through the help of footwork drills and our animal movements. Believe it or not but these coordination skills help them to improve their strikes! The movement used in both Muay Thai and Boxing require precise timing and coordination between the mind and body. As kids learn to execute these movements correctly, they'll also start to develop better coordination.

4- Self-Defense

As a parent, it's natural to want to do everything you can to protect your child. While you can't always be there to defend them, you can give them the tools they need to defend themselves by enrolling them in our Cairns classes. They will be provided with practical self-defense skills that can be used in real-world situations, should they ever need it. The confidence they gain from mastering techniques can empower them to stand up for themselves and defend themselves against bullies. However, fighting outside of competition or controlled sparring is forbidden. Children who are found to be fighting or using these techniques outside of a professional and controlled environment or not in a self defence setting will be expelled from our program.

5- Boost confidence and discipline

Boxing and Muay Thai are often associated with discipline and self-control. But they can also be a great way to boost confidence in children. That's because martial arts involve mastering new skills and techniques, which can give kids a sense of accomplishment. Our monthly grading will give them a goal to work towards, they'll also learn how to set and achieve goals. The discipline required to learn the techniques can help kids to develop concentration skills that will benefit them in school and other activities. So if you're looking for a way to help your child build confidence and discipline, our classes might be just the thing.

6- Importance of respect

One of the most important aspects of any martial arts is learning how to respect others. To progress in their grading, children must show respect for their instructors and classmates. At the start and end of each class the children line up and bow to their coaches as a sign of respect. The coaches will also bow (or "wai" as it's called in Muay Thai) to show that they respect their students also. This can help them to understand that respect is important in all aspects of life. This is not only important in the context of classes, but also everyday life. When children learn how to respect others at a young age, it can carry over into other areas of their lives and help them develop into well-rounded adults.

In our kids Muay Thai classes, they will learn our gym's "Wai kru ram muay" which is a traditional dance that Muay Thai fighters do before they fight. It is to show respect to their coach, training partners, family etc. It is by far the favourite part of learning Muay Thai for most of our students.

7- Teamwork & Communication

Our classes are not only good for physical fitness and self-defence, but they can also teach children important life skills like teamwork. In our kids boxing and Muay Thai classes, children learn to work together in various games, drills and pad work. Combat sports may be a "solo sport" but it's important for children to know that is cannot be practiced alone. You need a coach and training or sparring partner to achieve greatness.

They also learn to communicate clearly and respectfully with their fellow students. As a result, classes can help children develop strong teamwork skills that will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

8- Memorisation & Focus

Our Cairns classes can also help children develop memorisation and focus skills. To execute techniques and combinations correctly, students must be able to remember and follow instructions. This helps them to develop concentration and focus skills that can be applied in other areas of their life, such as schoolwork or other sports.

9- Social skills

One of the great benefits of our classes for children is the opportunity to develop strong social skills. They also learn how to handle victory and defeat gracefully, and how to show respect for their opponents or training partners. As they progress through gradings, they also have opportunities to develop leadership skills by helping to teach younger students. As a result, this can play a valuable role in helping kids develop strong social skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. They will also develop a new set of friends outside of school!

About Pretty Muay Thai and Boxing gym

Come to our Pretty Muay Thai and Boxing gym and let your kids explore the world of boxing and Muay Thai in a safe and fun environment. Our Kids classes are perfect for kids of all ages and abilities, and they'll love learning coordination, stance, defensive techniques, and strikes. Our highly trained instructors will teach your child everything they need to know about Muay Thai and Boxing, including proper stance, coordination, and how to deliver some powerful strikes. This is a great way for your child to stay physically fit and build confidence. So come on down to our gym today and let your kids discover the joys of Muay Thai or Boxing!

And best of all, your first class is free if you're a local! So what are you waiting for? Book your trial today!

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