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Local Cairns Boxers Shine at NQ Games: Pretty Top Team Takes Home Double Gold

Cairns, May 6, 2024 – The NQ Games, held in Cairns from May 3rd to 5th, witnessed an impressive display of talent from local athletes, with two standout performances from boxers representing Pretty Top Team. Elisha Robati and Marlin Jones, both coached and cornered by Pretty Top Team owner Paul Hosking, secured gold medals in their respective weight divisions with dominant performances.

In the 80kg elite division, Elisha Robot showcased his prowess in the ring with a commanding performance The scorecards revealed a unanimous victory for Robati , winning all rounds 3-0 and demonstrating superior skill and technique throughout the bout.

Meanwhile, in the 75kg elite division, Marlin Jones delivered a similarly impressive performance, securing gold with a flawless display of boxing prowess, against his opponent Ryan Tetely, another local boxer representing PNG. Like his teammate Robati , Jones dominated each round, earning a unanimous decision victory and solidifying his status as a rising star in the Cairns local boxing scene.

The success of Robati and Jones at the NQ Games not only highlights their individual talent but also speaks volumes about the quality of coaching and training provided by Pretty Top Team. Under the guidance of Paul Hosking, these athletes have honed their skills and emerged as champions in their respective weight classes.

Reflecting on their victories, Hosking expressed pride in his fighters' accomplishments and emphasised the hard work and dedication they have put into their training. "Elisha and Marlin have shown incredible determination and skill in their performances at the NQ Games," said Hosking. "Their gold medal wins are a testament to their talent and the supportive environment we've fostered at Pretty Top Team."

As the largest boxing gym in Cairns, Pretty Top Team continues to make waves in the local sports scene, producing top-tier athletes and fostering a community of passionate and dedicated individuals. With champions like Elisha Robati and Marlin Jones leading the way, the future looks bright for boxing in Cairns.

Elisha Robati and Marlin Jones: Cairns Boxers
Elisha Robati and Marlin Jones: Cairns Boxers

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